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Start reaching local customers with your content, publish videos, pictures and updates and refine your target with a local strategy. Start growing your brand awareness at scale and take the benefit of Shoppi SmartFeed™ technology and offer to your new customers a truly unique experience.


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Setup your advertising account and start generating sales from our mobile traffic as a little as £5/day. Our marketplace has built to brings you exceptional results by driving users directly to your brand and keep them engaged with your offers. Shoppi advertising solution is most suitable for companies that are data-driven and they are willing to improve their brand awareness and customer relationships on a long-term basis. All sales are finalized on our platform to offer to the consumer the best experience during the purchasing journey, however, thanks to our technology we are able to connect to existent carts and delivery the order details directly to you.

You can target your users by interests (using keywords) and by cities, languages and gender.

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